Our Partners

    Wrights Dowson Group specialises in the design & manufacture of screw conveyors, bin dischargers and screw feeders.


    All machines designed using the latest 3D modelling CAD facilities.


    Screw conveyor segments and custom built worm-on-pipe assemblies up to 1.8m diameter, from material thickness up to 25mm thick can also be manufactured.


    We have the largest stocks and widest variety of intermediate hanger bearings available in UK, including advanced ceramic inserts for high temperature and highly abrasive applications.


    We also supply a wide range of sampling equipment for powders, liquids and pellets and can safely obtain representative samples from both pressure and gravity applications We have a wealth of experience in many different sectors including minerals, food, animal by products, grains and fertilisers.


    Britton Procol part of the Wrights Dowson Group.

    For over twenty years our staff have set new standards of accuracy and reliability for conveyor screws of numerous configurations. It is unique in processing the technology to roll screws of up to 1/2″ thickness in a single piece, thereby overcoming the problems of joining together individual segments. The benefits of this technology include reduced replacement costs, and high suitability for conveying abrasive materials.


    When applied to stainless steel and used in the food industry it also contributes to reducing risk of contamination. Screws can be rolled in one piece in diameters up to 6″.


    Heli-Tec has the facilities for manufacturing conveyor screws up to 72″ in diameter. No standard range is produced, and every order is given specialised individual attention. The list of applications is virtually endless.


    The company’s products are used for conveying all kinds of granular material such as foodstuffs, cement, coal and sugar. They are also used as material compressors, water and effluent pumps, mixers and measures, and even in large-scale concrete mixers.



    Every conveyor screw is made specially to customer requirements, and the company has the resources and capability to extend this service to suit any number of specialist applications. These could include hollow flights for heat exchange purposes, ribbon screws and notched blades.