Scale Valve - Type Rotary

Rotary Scale Valves are designed for in-flow product diversion directly from a pneumatic conveying system into bulk storage and weigh hoppers. They are suitable for handling powders and granules in a wide range of industries. The valve has a precision machined cast iron body and endplates. It is fitted with a cast iron precision machined vane supported by bearingss within the endplates and operated by a direct coupled pneumatic actuator.

The valves are supplied complete with indicator switches and a solenoid operated spring return air control valve. Rotary Scale Valves are available in two body sizes, However the use of connecting tube adaptors enable them to be used in conveying systems from 1 1/2″ to 6″ diameter. The valves may be used with product flow from either direction and with various solenoid voltages but other variations are not available.