Scale Valve - Type Twin

Procol Twin Vane Diventors (Scale Valves) are designed to transfer product directly from a pneumatic conveying system into a weigh hopper. They are also used in multiple silo installations where they allow the use of a single conveying line and venting system. Considerable cost savings can be achieved by using Diventors in this way.

Various material options are available and the valves can be supplied with flanged connections if required. The valves are initially set with both vanes in the lower position. This isolates the weigh hopper from the conveying system and allows product to pass over the product and air to enter the weigh hopper. The product and air separate in the hopper and the air is returned to the conveying line via the return port in the valve base. When the correct weight is reached the vanes snap to the lower position which again isolates the hopper from the conveying line and allows excess product to be returned to the main store silo via the conveying system.