Diverter Valve - Pneumatic Conveying Diverter Type PC

Britton Procol PC Diverters are designed to route product flow in dilute and medium phase pneumatic conveying systems handling mild or none abrasive products. They are available in three standard configurations:

‘ST’ Type (Straight through)
‘Y’ Type

PC Diverters have cast bodies fitted with stainless steel vane assemblies mounted in phosphor bronze bearings. The vane has a self adjust ing polyurethane seal which bears on a fully machined surface to ensure a high sealing efficiency.Changes in cross sectional area are minimised through the valve to reduce conveying line pressure drop. The Diverters are supplied with plain spigot connections as standard. Flanged connections conforming to a wide variety of pipe standards are available as an option.

Valve actuation may be manual, pneumatic or electrically operated and are available with various material options