Rotary Valve - Compact Blowing Seals

Britton Procol compact blowing seals were originally developed for use beneath below flour silos where there compact size is an advantage when space is limited. Heavy duty versions suitable for handling most free flowing products have been developed and we are now able to offer two sizes in both light and heavy duty versions which complement our heavy duty valves.

Britton Procol heavy duty blowing seals are designed to feed a wide range of dry granular solids and powders directly into pneumatic conveying systems. Blowing seals are similar in construction to standard rotary valves but have an integral entrainment trough in the valve body and pipeline connection flanges in the valve endplates. This allows conveying air to pass through the blowing seal and ensures total product evacuation from the rotor pocket.

High sealing efficiencies ensure a low pressure drop across the valve and this feature allows the Britton Procol blowing seals to handle low density products which may be easily fluidised. The valve body incorporates body venting ports as standard for purging the rotor pockets. These are normally suitable for most products but where less dense materials are to be fed through the valve we recommend an integral vent which gives a more efficient method of rotor venting.