Recycling Valves

    Britton Procol Valves with over 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of valves for the bulk solids industry are able to offer solutions for handling the demanding array of products within the recycling industry.


    Britton Procol Valves have already gained vital experience in supplying valves specifically for waste material recycling facilities across UK and Europe.


    Waste applications generally call for special valve construction to enable a single valve to handle the diverse range of materials found in recyclable waste which may comprise a mixture of packaging, plastic bottles, food containers, shredded paper and cardboard.  All these products are difficult to handle and may cause valves to stall, leak and bind.


    Britton Procol Valves have evolved designs proven to overcome these problems and improve valve life.  We have supplied valves for handling a diverse range of recycled materials including wood chips, shredded tyres, granulated floor tiles, large plastic drinks containers and granulated PVC window frames.


    We are confident we have the products for your waste handling applications.


    Contact our sales engineers to discuss your requirements.