Diverter Valve - Gravity Diverter Type GD

This valve is available in mild steel or stainless steel, making it a ideal choice for the control of gravity fed powders and granular bulk solids in the food, chemical, plastics, etc., industries. The smooth internal faces ensure no lodgement areas and the individual control of the two slide plates diverts to the left or right or both closed (or open). Unlike flap type diverters, this valve can be operated whilst the product is flowing and can also act as a shut off valve.

Maximum operating temperature 80°C {5l0 °C to special order). Operation is by a pair of pneumatic cylinders each controlled by a single solenoid valve. Reed switches can be fitted giving electricat ndication of valve status. Switches and solenoid valves to customers’ requirements, or for use in hazardous areas, Can also be fitted.