Sampler - Automatic Sampler Model R

This sampling device has been designed to provide automatic sampling of powders and granules from hoppers and conveying lines.

The body is constructed from aluminium. the sampling tube from 316 stainless steel, the seals from UPC-1 0 polyethylene and is operated by a pneumatic cylinder to VDMA standard. Being completely air driven.tlhe
sample is explosion proof.

A sample is taken when the tube extends into the flow of material on receiving a signal from the controller, the air driven auger, motor is simullaneously started. The tube will remain in this position for the preset time, continually collecting the sampled product. The timing device is flexible and easily reset. allowing the correct quantity of sample to be collected each time.

When the preset time is reached the tube retracts from the conveying line, the motor however, continues to operate to enable all the sample remaining in the tube to be purged. This is vital to ensure that each sample taken is a true and precise representation of the product. When the sample tube is retracted there is no obstruction to the flow of material and the unit is sealed.