Sampler - Automatic Sampler Model PSS

This pneumatically operated sampling device has been specifically designed to provide a representative sample of powders or granules from lean or dense phase pneumatic conveying lines.

The sampler has a corrosion resistant aluminium body. 316 stainless steel precision ground sample tube, UPC-1O polyethylene based seals and is operated by a pneumatic cylinder to VDMA standard. The cylinder, is Controlled by a single 5/2 solenoid valve.

The sample tube extends into the conveying line by means of the pneumatic cylinder. The sample tube fills with product and retracts, the sampled product is then discharged under gravlty (assisted by the captured air pressure) to the collection pOint.

By using a double seal arrangement, the sample catchment area is fully isolated from the collection point during operation.

Rapid cycling of the sample tube quickly produces a large volume of sampled product.