Sampler - Automatic Sampler Model D

This pneumatically operated sampler is designed to provide a representalive sample of powders and granules from hoppers, chutes, etc.

The aluminium alloy body and spool are electroless nickel plated for abrasion and corrosion resistance and, with PTFE seals, permits the Sampler to be used with a wide range of materials.

Operation is by a pneumatic VDMA cylinder and is controlled by a 5/2 single solenoid valve fitted as slandard.

The spool extends into the product to be sampled by means of the pneumatic cylinder, the spool fills with product (approx. 0,2 litres volume) and retracts allowing the product to fall by gravity to the collection point.

By using a double seal arrangement, the sample catchment area is always fUlly isolated from the collection point thus ensuring dust-tight and airtight operation.