About us

    Britton Procol Valves is a part of the Wrights Dowson Group.


    Britton Procol Valves is an International market leading valve supplier and is the amalgamation of two individual valve companies Britton Valves and Procol Solids Control Equipment.


    Britton Valves established in 1972, by original founder Roger Britton who started trading from above a village Post Office in Braunton.


    With quick success of a basic slide valve the product range quickly grew and with it the need for larger premises and a machine shop.


    A move to Bideford followed, the town we still manufacture from and a machine shop was also created Jamestan Engineering, which has also continued to grow and flourishes in its own right but still supplies many of the quality machined parts to Britton Procol Valves.


    Procol Solids Control Equipment was begun in 1983 by our current Sales Manager Patrick Rowley. The company originally manufactured Rotary Valves, Slide Valves, Gravity Diverters and Conveying Diverters. These still form the foundation of the Procol range of valves but there have been several design changes since the original valves.


    Steady progress was made and new types of valve introduced to the range until Procol SCE and Britton Valves amalgamated in 2000. The combined companies now called Britton Procol Valves can offer an unrivalled product range with next day delivery on many standard items.


    Along with the standard range of slide, rotary, diverter, iris and butterfly valves Britton Procol Valves can design and manufacture valves and bulk solids handling equipment to suit the individual needs of our new and existing customers.


    As a part of the Wrights Dowson Group we are also able to offer a full complimentary range of equipment consisting of Screw Conveyors, Automatic Samplers, Discharge Equipment, Conveyor Screw Segments and Hanger Bearings. Contact us now for a quotation or to discuss your requirements.